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New Biodegradable Materials - PLA and Pulp
To meet the diversified food packaging needs of customers, Harvest has developed a series of food packaging products made of pulp and Polylactic acid (PLA) to provide more diversif...
Production Process & Ability
To provide our customers with the best products, Harvest has penetrated executive strict quality management - full quality inspection into our production daily workflow.
Product Functionality
With more than a decade of experience, we aim to provide practical and functional products to our customers whether it is custom or stock product.
Customized Food Service
Different Market, Different Request! Whether you want your unique idea to come true or just simply add some characteristic on your products, Please Dont Be Hesitate To Find Your Ne...
Application of our products
Starting with Japanese food packaging boxes, and expanding to a variety of scene applications.They are widely used for convenience, wash ability, and recyclability. These products ...