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Packaging Solution
Application of our products
  Harvest has been developing the food packaging products of various materials and functions for 16 years. Starting with Japanese food packaging boxes, and expanding to a variety of scene applications. Our disposable food packaging boxes are exquisite in appearance and various styles. They are widely used for convenience, wash ability, and recyclability. These products can be seen everywhere in daily life. The following are common scenario applications for disposable food packaging boxes:

Take-out chain stores

  Nowadays, the pace of life is faster and faster, and takeout food provides a more convenient way of life. Therefore, disposable food packaging boxes are also widely used in the takeout industry, such as sushi boxes and lunch boxes.



  Our products are suitable for take-out and delivery of food. Besides, with the rising of environmental protection, most people choose to pack unfinished food. Please refer to our food box series.



  All our products are suitable for use in supermarkets. For example, the packaging box for the cooked food packaging, fresh salads and cutting fruit-packed, freshly prepared sushi, fresh seafood and manufactured food displayed in the freezer, etc.


Food factory

  Our packing box can be used for freshly slaughtered meat, seafood, fresh-picked fruits, microwave food, etc. There are a series of size choices, suitable for any supermarket freezer, and you can also customize the size and appearance of your exclusive packing box to distinguish your products from others.


Café / Bakery

  It is best to choose our pulp series products and high transparent PET boxes as the outer packing boxes for salads, light food, and simple meals. Using biodegradable and recyclable materials to respond to environmental protection meanwhile improving the brand quality of your products.